Welcome to Drevoimpresia. We are a small, creative team that produces lifestyle solutions inspired by wood and nature. Our wood products capture original lines and carefully follow contours. We use fascinating natural wood abnormalities and fully integrate them into furniture, home accessories and decorative accents.

Drevoimpresa focuses on customers looking for uniqueness and originality who at the same time desire practical, multifunctional uses of pieces of the highest quality. We offer specialized detailing according to the wishes of each customer, and at a reasonable price. You are our client if you are fascinated by nature, distinct artwork and want comfort at the same time. While listening to your wishes we esthetically enhance your interior.

We create pieces from wood that are typical of our region, e.g., oak, beech, locust, walnut, chestnut, cherry, pine or spruce. Upon special request we can also create pieces from tropical wood.

We at Drevoimpresia welcome you to our photo gallery and hope that it will enchant you with our samples of unique natural beauty that are hand crafted with our own love and respect.

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